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Wi-Fi in Everest Base Camp


After years later Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay successful reached Mt Everest almost 6 decades, we stand with a long list of people history who’ve conquered the mighty mountain and an even longer list of people we’ve lost during the journey, but this is not why we’re here. It’s may weather causes, lack of technology or its state-run regulator. Still we have long way to go. Due to technology revolution in world, Nepal Telecommunications Authority announced on Wednesday that it plans to set up free W-Fi zones along the Everest base camp.


It’s not a first time of attempt but now Nepal government works for it. The service will operate on the “Okumura Model,” which uses low-cost optical fiber cables for high-speed internet in alpine zone. Special cold-and-ice-resistant optical fibers will be used, and if they don’t work in the high altitudes, another one technologies such as micro-wave will be used to provide as best as.


At present, some hotels and restaurants in the area offer Wi-Fi at a rate of up to $5 per in day basis. Furthermore, one can buy credits amounting to ½ GB of internet from Everest Link at around $8 in a place called Machermo, a small village way to EBC. The intended Wi-Fi zones will not only improve communication during natural disasters and accidents but will also boost tourism as travelers and trekkers can share their experiences with family and friends almost instantaneously.


Wi-Fi in high altitudes has never been smooth though In flight Wi-Fi services are super-slow and mighty expensive too. Gogo, the biggest provider of such services, has been sloppy, but it’s now planning an upgrade their services. It could be an ideal services if it will work properly not only Nepal for rest of traveler.

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