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When to travel Nepal?

There is lots of question before traveling When to travel Nepal? where to travel? and how we can shut out easily? here we go for  Nepal info. Nepal is without a doubt one of the most Natural beautiful countries in the world, blessed with an incredible variety of landscapes and a friendly people, laid-back population. From the highest points on Earth to the jungle lowlands along the Indian border. It has attracted travelers and trekkers from around the world for Mountains, jungle safari, bird watching, white water rafting and adventure sports. The Himalayas are indeed the natural habitat for any born trekkers. We have more than 8 mighty range which is crowned above 8000 and Mount Everest(8848m), the highest and greatest mountain on Earth. Its jagged peaks are the magnificent sight at any angle. Including mountains, hidden path, and distinct art (Culture) provides opportunities elaborate 90 days trekking continuously in most of higher passes of Himalaya Great Himalaya Trail evokes itself. Trekking in Nepal and tourism has been popular in Nepal for decades and no doubt Nepalese are excellent hosts. Kathmandu has thousands of qualify guide and companies. They do run Teahouse trek, Camping trekking, homestay trekking entirely all trekking routes for a new level of comfort to the backcountry. Even for those people with little backpacking experience and solo trekking in Nepal is likely to be easily accessible, affordable, and absolutely unforgettable in Himalayas kingdom.
So if you love to Explore stunning views of Mountains, the radiant culture of Ethnic people, and epic adventure, chances are you’ll fall in love with Nature.

Best time to Explore Nepal
No doubt Nepal is for thought out the year but technically most trekkers choose between the two peak seasons of fall and spring. If it’s your first time in Nepal, Explore Manaslu recommend you visiting during one of these peak seasons. But in busy seasons the trails and hotel will be more crowded and busy.

Fall (Sep-Oct – Nov): This is the second seasons of the year but most popular trekking time in Nepal. During this time you’ll have the best chance to see clear mountain views, greenery fields, and hill, waters fall everywhere, sunny skies, mild temperatures, Nepali festivals and little precipitation. The downside is that you’ll be sharing the trail with throngs of other tourists and teahouses will be bumping, especially along the most popular routes like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, and Manaslu.

Spring (March – April-May): This Spring is the second most popular time of year to trek in Nepal. After snowpack melts on high mountain passes, giant rhododendron trees bloom across the hillsides. Temperatures are generally getting higher this time. Mountains are covers by layers of snow that are why hills are dry. Easily can accessible everywhere of tea houses. This may a great time to visit Nepal for silent travelers.

Beside Peak Season?
Trekking outside the peak seasons can be rewarding as well. Solitude is easier to find, but higher passes lodges are remind closed and befriending locals is easier too. Besides higher passes, there are significant downsides trekking outside the peak seasons in Nepal. So don’t need too cavalier when choosing your travel dates while traveling in Nepal. For experienced winter lovers (December – February) can find sunny days and brilliant mountain views. The temperatures can be bitter cold, daylight hours are shorter, and harsh winter storms can disrupt travel plans with little warning and lodges remind closed. Also, many popular higher trails will not be accessible this time of year due to heavy snowfall.
Trekking during monsoon months (May – early September) is not usually advised. But after the second week of September, you may travel Nepal less Monsoon, and less crowd. In monsoon rains bring landslides and leeches too and bit risky. The weather can be changed often also be hot and humid this time of year and the mountains are often obscured by clouds. Note that whenever you travel Nepal it is important that make a great plan and catch a reliable trekking agencies and Guide is worth and can be memorable in your life.

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