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Religious Trekking

gumba in Manaslu
Monastery Trekking

Manaslu monastery trekking is the perfect Monastery trekking in Nepal for peace seeker in nomad land. Manaslu Valley is the home of the largest monastery to Buddhist. Tsum valley and Nubri Valley is a destination for all age’s monks and nuns throughout the country to practice and study Buddhism. People has desired to discover real […]

yoga in the Himalaya
Yoga and Meditation Trekking

Yoga and Meditation Trekking practices in Manaslu is well known in the center of learning Yoga and Meditation inside Monastery land. Manaslu offers a unique yoga and meditation trekking opportunity to experience a reasonably “untouched” region of Nepal. It provides spectacular beauty along culture beauty near a border of Tibet a restricted trekking route in Nepal. […]

gumba in Manaslu
Manaslu Religious Trek

The hidden treasure of Nepal have practices unique religious and cultural harmony, since its early history. Manaslu religious trek is rich in spirituality history and deep facts of Hindusim, Buddism, and Tantra. This is a remnant of born, a Shamanistic religion that preceded in the area. Many festivals are celebrated throughout the year in the […]

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