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What is tea house trek?

What is tea house trek? this is the most frequent asking question that I found though, The usual mode of Nepal travel has been staying at regular teahouses or even camping. Living mostly on the local food menu and utilizing the most basic of facilities to get from local lodges going through your journey. In other words, tea house treks are basic of the antithesis of a modern comfort that you are used to getting in Asian standard. One of the reasons Nepal Trekking is famous for such an amazing teahouse trekking culture. “Teahouses” are known as Small Mountain lodges frequently available along popular trails. On most of the trails in the famous regions Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Langtang you’ll encounter teahouse every 3 hours. Besides Everest trekking does offer entirely possible to trek through staying in luxury lodges with accommodation standards and comfort rivaling that of a modern hotel in a city. But there has been obstacle natural phenomena too. If you expect a higher level off to find landscaped gardens or comfortable lounges, well-decorated rooms with onsite bathrooms with 24hours running hot and cold water in mountain can be found but they are basic. In your request a hot-water bottle in the bed, and on ordering a hot-water bag to ease your sore muscles after a long day outside. Likewise, in tea house trekking you can count on somehow hygienic meals during your travel, and you will also have a chances wider selection of food items. Your choices can wider range from authentic Nepali and other delicacies cuisines like Indian, Tibetan, Italian, and Continental also be served with a dessert after a meal.

Most of the tea houses have comfort Dining hall to eat a home-cooked meal, fire hitter (YakDung) for warm your toes, and bed for the night. On a teahouse trek, you will sleep in one of these lodges every night and you’ll eat almost all of your meals in same teahouses too. Accommodations are cozy, simple, comfortable, and very affordable. It is expected that you’ll eat your meals wherever you stay, which is one of the reasons rooms are so cheap. But another cause is they did a lot of investment while making teahouses and only selling room do not enough to run livelihood. Teahouses also sell snacks, pringles, hot showers, beer etc.

The most teahouses room cost around $3-4 per night its depend on where you are traveling and can be booked upon arrival but in busy seasons you have to book as fast as you can otherwise you might be in the Dining hall. The usual setup is a small room with two single beds and a common bathroom or attached to in your request. Blankets easily available in Annapurna, Langtang, and Everest, but Explore Manaslu necessary recommend you hiking with a sleeping bag for Manaslu trekking, Kanchenjunga, and UpperDolpo. For your warmth, comfort, and cleanness awareness you could hire it from Thamel and Pokhara Street at a cheap price.

Teahouse trekking is easy to run, cheap near half way less than Camping. Easily accessible for everyone and could taste menu food. Tea house trek is crowded due to every trekker’s are going to share accommodation in available hotel. The expert said that camping treks aren’t nearly as popular as teahouse trek. And also camping won’t be necessary on way of teahouse trekking route. but camping trek has its decent values.

Popular tea house trek in Nepal

• Everest reasons trekking
• Annapurna Base Camp
• Annpurna Circuit
• Upper Mustang
• Poonhill trekking
• Langtang – Helambu trekking
Manaslu Circuit
• Tsum Valley trekking
• Nar Phu Vally trekking
• Kanchhanjunga trekking
• Rollwalling trekking
• Makalu Base Camp

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