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Solo trek in Nepal

How to Trek Solo in Nepal?

Trekking in a solo can be an exciting adventure dream for all ages. Exploring in Nepal with group and alone can also be a completely different yet unique experience. Sometime people just not want to travel with friends, and the way of alone travelling inspire you the ability of self-awareness, than what best way than to go solo trekking in Nepal. Nepal secularist country and non as a kingdom of Himalayas. Without any hesitation you can view breathtaking view of popular route of small trek Poonhill trekking or Everest base camp trek of alpine zone.

Nepal is a small south Asia country blessed with vast natural beauty. There are no words to describe how exquisite collective view in this country have. No wonder visiting such a place will create a lifelong experience and beautiful memories with hiring guide and porter.

But trekking solo comes with its own set of questions and worries in Asian region. Is save to travel Asia? How do I trek alone? What if I get into trouble during trek? And so on.

But there are many people who tend to trek alone in this beautiful countryside. There are lots of who say that solo trekking in Nepal is safe. Solo hiker claim that nothing can give them more relief than trekking alone in Scenic Mountain.

So, let think about Nepal to put those many questions slide to the side and go pack your bags for an Exploration. In south Asia, starting your journey with Nepal can be the best option. According to many solo travelers, Nepal is best suited for beginners to start exploring early due to the security and others.

Begin with a suitable plan

Making a plan to travel is the most crucial step in order to make your trip an adventure and organized.  Before starting trek, you must decide about the number of days that you will be spending there, afterward where the journey ends. Also According to your budget, make up your mind about how much you can afford to spend on the trip in emphasis day to day.

There is of course necessary for you to choose the place depending on your physical and mental fitness. Well, despite your abilities and health condition, you surely won’t be missing out on the mesmerizing view of snowcapped mountains of Nepal, nor will you will not continue the view natural charm of the country.

To meet, whatever is your objective of visit, be it spiritual or adventure, your decision of visiting Nepal will never disappoint you. Be sure to choose a best reliable company from town.

Trekking with a guide?

There is no obligation to hire guide for popular route like Everest and Annapurna.  It is completely lots of choices about hiring a guide or porter while trekking in Nepal. If you choose to trek with a guide and porter, your trekking path becomes easier because they are local and know far better than you do about the places and the difficulties.

You should be well aware of restricted areas where you are not allowed to trek without a guide or porter for safety reasons. If exploring the country on your own is your motive by reading somehow books, be sure your travel book update date and the others safety thing.  For your safely reason is better not to go alone. In this case, you will get a chance to interact with local different people helps to understand different parts of the world. Normally hiring guide is not flexible if you are not meet for itinerary base trekker. Guide have always time and destination however, if you want a guide by your side, make sure to confirm he is a legal guide and has all the permits required for guiding.

If you are a female trekker, there is opt for a female guide for your own comfort, which helps women empowering programs a female from a country where uplifting their condition can prove very fruitful. Beside that you are always welcome and has a lots option for your dream makes into reality.

Budget Plan for Solo Trekkers

Travelling in Nepal is not so expensive so far it’s depend what and where as well as the hiring thing. You can choose from a variety of accommodation as well equipment’s that suits you best and is within the budget.

Choosing the available one of the best and cheapest facilities as that may lead to sleeping all night with food. Rationally you have lots of option, you can take a porter with you if you have a heavy backpack. Spending around $20 can provide you the facility of carrying your things so you can enjoy the trek in the best possible way also he can lead you the right direction.

Taking a guide with you can cost around $25 per day, who has good communication. But he will not carry your bags. Remember to carry enough Nepali Rupees for accommodation because this little amount can lighten up their day. Also don’t forget to give tips to the porter or guide and those who help you every day smiling face.

Best Time for visit for Solo Trekkers

Nepal is open for in every season has its own specialty. Nevertheless, since beginning year of March until late May to September to until November is regarded as the best time for the treks in Nepal. Some of the major reasons of the attraction of these month is a very favorable climate and the blooming of Rhododendrons as well festivals. You can visit during winter but higher passes are closed to heavy snowing. We like to suggest that advised to pre-book all the facilities for safety and convenience.

Best Treks in Nepal for Solo Trekkers

*Everest Base camp Trek

*Annapurna Base Camp trek

*PoonHill trek

*Panchese Trek

*Langtang valley trek

Tips for Solo Trekkers

No matter how healthy and fit you are, you must be aware of altitude sickness during high alpine Zone. Be careful not to avoid any symptoms of altitude. Remember to carry first ad with chocolates and extra snacks which can help you deal with it.

As soon as you are in difficult uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to inform the person nearest to you and ask for possibilities help.

Personal safety is very important rather to achieved destination. That is why hiring guide and porter keep you along for trek, you can led them your plan and the places you will be visiting. It is always better to start trek early after breakfast and reach your destination before it is too dark for safety reasons.

Trekking and touring in Nepal will make you comfortable because the people here are renowned for their kind hospitality and humble nature. Nepal best place for any kinds of people, which it truly deserves.


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