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Spanish climb Mt Everset in winter

_MG_0542Spanish national, John Alenzd, has reached the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, in the unfavorable mountaineering season. The winter season is deemed unfavorable for summiting the mountain due to heavy snowfall and excessive cold. However, he climbed the highest summit on Tuesday.

Mingma Sherpa, Managing Director at the Seven Summit Treks, said Txikon (35) along with two Sherpa climbers reached above 7,400 m on Monday in an attempt to set the world record, becoming the first foreigner to climb the Mt Everest without supplemental oxygen in the winter climbing season.

“As the team found a fair weather to begin their summit push, Alex, Nurbu and Chhepal headed to the Camp IV from the Camp III while other Sherpas – Pemba, Nuri and Furba – will join the team at the higher camp tonight,” Sherpa quoted the team as saying from the Khumbu region.

According to him, if everything goes according to the plan, the Spaniard along with Sherpa climbers will try to climb the peak on Tuesday morning.

“Depending upon the weather condition, the team would be at the higher camps only for a couple of days to make the final summit push,” he said.

In his recent Facebook post, Txikon stated, “Finally in the sleeping bag at the third altitude camp (7,400m)! We are very strong physically and psychologically; the truth is that we form a great team! We have had to renew the equipment in several sections that have been swept by the storm, but our positivity remains intact.”

An official at the Department of Tourism said that only Alex-led two-member expedition has obtained the Mt Everest climbing permit in the winter season.

According to Shepra, Carlos Rubio (28) already abandoned the climbing after suffering from lung inflammation followed by the high altitude sickness.

The team’s liaison officer Padam Jung Rai had died of altitude sickness at Tukla (4,000 m) on January 17.

Only Nepali mountaineer Ang Rita Sherpa has made it to the top of Mt Everest in 1987 using the normal route without supplemental oxygen in the winter season.

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