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How to shut out Manaslu permits?

Exploring Manaslu, Manaslu Conservation Area (MCAP), managed by the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) The same agency responsible for protecting all Nepal. MCAP is considered ‘restricted’ by the NTNC due to it’s a get way to trade to Tibet, which requires an additional Permit and the accompaniment of a registered license guide and should need to connect travel company. Be reminded that this additional hassle is what keeps Manaslu from becoming Annapurna, and is well worth the extra fee.

We will arrange permits for you in advance according to your available time. If you are traveling solo, most need to connect with another traveler for having a permit. There is an option to known people to ‘borrow a passport’ for the permit and pay extra fee application and trek alone with your guide and porter.

The general Manaslu valley permit to enter MCAP and Nar Phu valley permit costs only 2,000 Nepali rupees (approximately $22 USD) and is collected by the NTNC in order to support conservation development in the region. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation also levies fees on all restricted areas: Manaslu is 50/70 USD per week, as well as Nar Phu, is 25 per week; it’s depending on offseason and busy season. If you move at an average pace, for only larkya la pass a one-week permit should suffice. If you are planning to connect larkya-la pass, which begins Annapurna region later in your trek, you will also need to secure another Rs 2,000 Nepali rupee permit for Annapurna Conservation Area in advance.

All permits processed at the street from the Nepal Tourism Board Office (Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu: Open 6 days a week: 9am-5pm, except holidays). We warned you that Nepali holidays often emerge sporadically (without marked on calendars), so make sure your Travel Company secure your permits in advance and be sure do not get stuck because the office is closed for an obscure festival.

Note; that Nepal has many ethnic groups and their festivals.

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