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Why you have to Explore Manaslu?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best treks in Nepal due to its rich Cultural, religious with wild natural diversity. The secret land ‘Baeyal’ offers an unspoiled organic tradition of TUSMBA. Nurbi valley and Tsum Valley is well known for practice Buddism in the world. Who never Slaughter animal, even as a sacrifice to god and do not sell an animal to Tibetan people. In Tsum valley people practice and believe people are live several days after death.

The hidden treasure offers a unique opportunity to experience a reasonably “untouched” region similar Dolpo region in Nepal. Lower Manaslu trekking is another beautiful trekking for its natural, cultural and religiously distinct from practices then Upper Manaslu, Gorkha is very reaching in culture and heritage itself and its legendary Gurkha Army History. The various cast of people lives in this area. Generally, Chhetri, Brahman, Gurung, Ghale and Bhote lamas, Chhetri and Brahman live in lowland likewise Gurung, Ghale lives in the middle of the land and at last Bhote lama’s lives in the high land of the mountain region.

In Nupri and Tsum valley the speech, dress, the custom is almost exclusively Tibetan, Mountain and the larkya la is one of the most dramatic windy pass a crossing in the Himalaya. Still many places are unknowing as Rupinala pass, Singla pass, Dudhpokhari and Mu valley, Sarang Monastery, which has most beautiful and fascinating beauty with wildness experience.

Different between another part of Nepal and Manaslu is culturally and religiously distinct due to remoteness and inaccessibility, as a result, the unique culture of the valley has reminded intact, this is what we want to show you.

It is far less crowded than it’s better known another Nepali trail. Manaslu circuit trail is the best general trek in Nepal especially for high adventurers’ and meditates traveler. The trek has it is enough wilderness and remote, with a stunning view of Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal scenery. There are teahouses at everyday camp, so trekkers do not need to bring tents according to interest and food, making it more accessible and affordable than similar treks.

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