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Kanchenjunga trek

Traveling to Nepal has truly been one of the best decision of my life. I found adventures in the very beginning to until ultimate beautiful destination, achieved physically, mentally and meditative way much more then i thought i could, and most of all. i found my best dream in the Himalaya. Trekking in kanchhenjunga is the best life time achivement of Mountain Scenerio. Stunning View of janu peak, known as a diamond of Kambachen, Lhonak and hard selele pass are beauty of Kanchenjunga trek.

We were happy that movement our company suggests to trek the hidden treasure of Wonderland Kanchenjunga. We are a group of Adventure Explorer that loves to travel and explore off the beaten track of Nepal, we get enjoy than easy and crowded area. That is why we decided to travel into the Mystery land.
The Kanchenjunga Conservation Area was established by Nepal government in 1997, area and covers 2,035 square kilometers. It is bordered to the north Nature Reserve in Tibet, and to the east by the Kanchenjunga in Sikkim.
Kanchenjunga and Manaslu see less than 1000 tourists per year. Its thrilling heights and the panoramic view from, breathtaking scenery, and challenging landscapes are looking for something extra. Kanchenjunga is well known best trekking trail for hidden treasure explorers and the Himalayan alpenglow from Oktang is well famous. The view to the west side of Mt Bokta is very impressive it will attach you but the climb has been deemed impossible and needs to technical too. Lapsong La pass is very arduous and the ends at Ghunsa, passing Sele La pass will be the lifetime achievement. When we were in Trek once the south base camp is reached one backtracks to Tseram and crosses over the Miring La (4805m) Pass in order to reach the North Base Camp. The northern base camp or Pang Pema (5140m) sits just at the base of the massive footwall of Kanchenjunga.
Probably you have researched well and notified that accommodation on the trek is very basic and at higher altitudes, small stone huts, what we called tea houses. That why our company Explore Manaslu provide us a well-known famous Tamang guide for our trek. Which will be defiantly a great plus point for Nepal trek to hidden treasures. Explore Manaslu love to organize your trek in packaging and service way that choice in your hand. To be honest our guide will not speak frequent English like westerners but defiantly he has 20 years trekking and climbing experience of Nepali mountain and we think we could not ask more than this. He has the absolutely great knowledge, just need to open him. we are delighted with this team. Even they have an emergency phone (sky) carried out. You can choose one track either the Kanchenjunga south trek, the Kanchenjunga north trek, the Kanchenjunga Circuit, which visits both the north and south base camps, or you have any idea about this part then give then the idea they will tailor out your dream safety way. Mainly walking in rural areas of Nepal dense forest, walk through rippled farmland, meadows and forests of pink barked rhododendrons meet local Tibetan refugees more.

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