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Bandipur Nepal

Bandipur Nepal

Bandipur village is a living museum of Newari culture, a beautifully preserved village crowning a lofty ridge above the way stop of Pokhara.  Its winding lanes are lined with traditional Newari houses and temple. History of old Nepal, and preserved lots of the magic old customs while developing the town as a destination. Another beauty of Badiur is Home stay facility gives a unique representation for the tourist management in Nepal.

Bandipur was originally part of the Magar kingdom of Tanahun, ruled from nearby Palpa (Tansen), but Newari traders flooded in after the conquest of the valley by king of Gorkha’s Prithvi Narayan Shah.The town was an important hub between India–Tibet trade route until it was bypassed by the Prithvi Highway in the 1960s.

Originally town was Magar village in the early 19th Century later Bandipur developed into the prosperous trading centre and a community with town-like features: substantial buildings, with their neoclassical façades and shuttered windows and streets paved with slabs of silverfish slate. Bandipur had its glory days in the Rana times (1846-1951), as a measure of power and prestige, it was granted special permission to have its own library (still existing).

All of that, as a result of its poor accessibility, Bandipur lost importance because the district headquarters of Tahahu were moved to Damauli. Because of that tradesmen of Bandipur were forced to move down to Dumre. On two occasions Bandipur has witnessed some turmoil. Some relics of its wealthy past still remain. Although many houses are in bad repair, the typical Newari architecture has been preserved. A distinctive aspect of Bandipur’s main street is a covered veranda extending along almost the entire length on the northern side too. Most of the buildings still have little shops in them which remain as an old city. The slate slabs in the main street have been destroyed by heavy vehicles, still be made out along the edges and in the smaller alleys. The library still exists and was carefully renovated in 2000AD. Another relic is a soccer-field-sized Tundikhel (old fort) to the northeast of Bandipur where you can view the down town of highway.

Other Places near to Bandipur Bazaar

Khadga Devi

The temple of Khadga Devi is the most revered temples in Bandipur, Which is belied by its look of a residential house except for the finial. This temple is opened to devotees only once a year on the occasion of Phulpati during the Hindu festival of Dasain. This shrine does not contain any statues of gods or goddesses, but a Khadga, a sacred sword wrapped in layers of cloth. Myth has it that if anyone looks at it, he or she invites instant death by vomiting blood. According to another story, the relic was a present from Lord Shiva to Mukunda Sen, king of Palpa (1518-1553 A.D.). The Khadga is worshipped as a symbol of the female power, hence the name Khadga Devi, which means goddess of the sword too.

Bindhabasini Temple

This temple is located in the main bazaar area and was constructed in the pagoda style. An image of the goddess Bindhabasini is enshrined here. Though it has contains statues of other goddesses. During the New Year celebrations of the Bikram Sambat, the image of Bindhabasini is put on a chariot and pulled through town amidst other revelry. Others Chandithan, Mahalaxmi Temple, Narayan Temple are lies to the Bandipur area.


Tundikhel is an excellent vantage point of Bandipur’s. From here, you can view the magnificent Himalayan Range including t

Sunrise view from Nagarkot
Sunrise view from Bandipur

he spectacular peaks of Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Langtang, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal range. The legendary Gorkha Palace and the famous Manakamana can see clearly.


Paharpani Mahadev

A fifteen-minute walk to the north of Bandipur Bazaar brings one to the shrine of Parpani Mahadev temple. A stone pathway leads to the cave-like shrine. Inside, there is a waterspout, and below it are installed several small statues of various gods. They are known as Parpani Mahadev. Early days, people gathered here to sing hymns and bathe under the fountainbefore going to work in their fields. A pond has been built here to add to the beauty of the site.

Purano Kot (Gurungche Hill)

Purano Kot, originally a fort, lies at a distance of about 500 m to the west of town. It takes about twenty minutes of easy walk to reach the top. There is a small temple nearly containing a number of old statues. Next to it stands a newly built temple of Thanithan Mai. The local people believe that praying to Mahadev at this spot during a drought will bring rain.

Tandrang Tundrung

Tandrang Tundrung is a fifteen-minute walk to the west of Bandipur. Its unusual name is said to imitate the sound that is produced when a stone is thrown into the well here. According to the old-timers of the village, it was used by Mukunda Sen topass between Mukendeswari and Tandrang Tundrung to perform religious deeds.


This ancient fort lies to the northeast of Bandipur and is believed to have existed from the time of Mukunda Sen. Since the spot lies at a higher elevation than the bazaar; you can get a stunning view of the mountains from here.

Padma Library

This historic

library lies in the heart of Bandipur Bazaar. It was transformed into its present magnificence from a shelter for sages in 1945. It has been serving book lovers from the days of the Rana regime.



Ramkot is a two-hour walk to the west of Bandipur. It is an easy hike passing through Muchuk Village from where you can also visit Mukundeswari. R

amkot is a typical Magar village with traditional round houses.

Ramkot is untouched by modern development and offers an opportunity to experience the lifestyle of rural Nepal. From here, one can go on to Chabdi Barahi, which can be reached after two hours of easy hiking.


Mukundeswari lies at an altitude of 1,830 m, about a two-hour walk to the west of Bandipur. The place looks like a gallery of ancient weapons and other antiquities as swords of different shapes and sizes lie scattered all around

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