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Our Mission

  1. To create jobs for local Manaslu people, who are marginalized from mainstream development
  2. Working on protecting the eco-system in Manaslu. As Manaslu is on of the food deficit regions in Nepal with a high dependency on natural resources. With an ecosystem in decline how do we work to protect it?
  3. To create jobs for youths in urban areas of Manaslu.
  4. The People of this sacred valley have been suffering from major economic and development setbacks: we want to help them by organizing different empowerment programs.
  5. To explore the hidden Manaslu culture, religion, tradition, natural beauty and its natural importance to local people and travelers.
  6. To organize women empowerment programs in Manaslu Regions such as women’s education, women’s rights, and economic programs. For this we want to work with local people, directly involving different programs.
  7. Treks specific to the Manaslu region.
  8. We offer classical  teahouse styles of trek, but also Camping Treks where we supply necessary equipment and food. We also offer Homestay Treks, Religious and Cultural treks. Providing an experience not available in the Everest and Annapurna regions.

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